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Yakezie Challenge
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Ya-who? Ya-what? It’s pronounced yah-KAY-zee. I think.

Yakezie ChallengeI was surfing the inter-webs and clicked upon an interesting site promoting a community of financial and lifestyle bloggers. Sounds interesting. The Debt Free Divas launched The Mid-Day Money Show in May of 2010. Blogging seemed like a natural progression. We love to write. We always have an opinion. Financial education is our reason for being. At this point, I started humming Pat Benatar’s “We belong”. I did. Seriously. The Yakezie Challenge is a 6-month process which includes networking with members of the Yakezie community, learning from and helping to promote other bloggers, and improving a blog’s Alexa ranking. Ideally, sites with better rankings have more pull (credibility, visibility) on the inter-webs. Let’s do it! Tone Loc anyone?.

We begin the challenge with a participation announcement. Step 1 – check

We also need to record the Debt Free Divas’ Alexa ranking. The ranking in early December 2010 was 22,000,000 and some change. As of today, December 26, our ranking has progressed to 1.4 million. Not great, but we’re moving on up…like the Jeffersons. Our goal is to reach 200,000 by  June 1, 2011.

A final component of the challenge is to selflessly promote others. I really like this part. We are new, so I’ll update this list as I find more sites of interest. One way or another, the Debt Free Divas are going to help you regain control over your finances. There is something out there for everyone. Enjoy my selfless promo list!

  • Deliver Away Debt – A guy who’s taking Dave Ramsey’s advice literally. This blog’s a hoot!
  • Penny Saver – A frugal mom with good stories to tell.
  • Money Cone – A very cool How-To blog for everything from stocks to opting out of yellow pages. You can do that?
  • Buck Inspire – A fellow lover of travel who advocates living a fulfilled life within your means.
  • Financial Samurai – The original Sam-urai. Yakezie brainchild and blogger extraordinaire.


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