How Whitney Hansen Paid Off $30,000 of Student Loan Debt in 10 Months

Home News How Whitney Hansen Paid Off $30,000 of Student Loan Debt in 10 Months
How Whitney Hansen Paid Off $30,000 of Student Loan Debt in 10 Months
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Is There Freedom From Student Loans?

We know that student loans are an ever-growing problem – especially for each new graduating class. The student loan debt as of 2016 average is nearly $37,000.

Given that the average starting salary for college graduates is $50,000 a year, a 5-figure debt load can be a heavy one.

Whitney Hansen decided not to be average – even though she took home a huge debt bill along with her degree.


How She Paid Off Student Loans

There’s no magic formula.

Whitney kept her expenses low and increased her income with side jobs. It’s not the most glamorous lifestyle, but it works. For Whitney, scrubbing feet and painting toenails in her 20s paid off in spades.

When asked if she felt left out of a fabulous life after college. She’s replied, “No”.

One must be extremely focused to knock off a 5-figure debt in 10 months. Now, almost 30, she’s working her plan to pay her home off too.


Practical Tips to Pay Off Debt Sooner

I love speaking with folks who are putting plans into action. You’ll love Whitney’s story because she worked with what she has.

She didn’t get a cash gift from mom or dad. She didn’t win the lottery. She didn’t start a quirky trend and cash in big. She worked her plan and didn’t come up for air until she’d reached success.

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We talked about…

  • The lessons she learned growing up in a home with abuse and no financial training.
  • How a 16-year-old decides to break from the poor choices of her parents.
  • How parents with limited financial literacy can help their children thrive financially.
  • What life was like during her 10-month hustle to pay back $30,000 in student loan debt.
  • Tips for recent graduates looking at large student loan balances.

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