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Weekend Reading – An Eye on Retirement
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It happened. Someone referred to those in my age group (the fabulous and 40 crowd) as middle age. Hold up!

Mid-life. Really? When did this happen? My parents are middle age. At least they were. It seems like yesterday I was tearing up the streets of Dallas with the post-college crowd and living a life of youthful, unconcerned bliss (with-in reason).  

Life is still an adventure. The quest now includes a passion for debt free living, diaper drama, and hilarious Youtube worthy moments from tiny-tot swim lessons (at least the grandparents agree). Time waits for no planning.


This week, I’ve been perusing blogs with an eye on retirement. With two college savings fund to nuture, a “potential” larger mortgage (the jury is still out), and our own golden years on the horizon; being a savvy seasoned citizen is on the menu. Let’s take in some important reminders as time marches on.

1.       Thinking of retirement should begin with setting long term financial plans in order. The Debt Free Guys provide some great food for thought with 6 Tips for Creating a Long Term Plan.

2.       Can you define your ideal retirement scenario? That’s the question posed in What’s Your Retirement Scenario.

3.       Maybe we should re-think retirement all together. I mean, retirement in the past was generally predicated on years of manual labor that was no longer physically possible for a seasoned citizen. Many of us today are desk jockeys. What if you don’t want to eat dog food and live in the middle of no where? The Financial Samurai has an interesting take on retiring.

4.       Did you know that Australians are some of the wealthiest people on the globe? Their retirement savings is mandated by the government. Should we do that? Why MyRA Won’t Help the Savings Crisis.

5.       Single parents my hat goes off to you. Raising little people is hard work. Period. Doing a good job on your own should earn a presidential medal. I don’t have a medal, but I did find a good reminder for moms and dads doing it solo. Are you making any of these 4 Single Mom Money Mistakes?

Enjoy your weekend. I hope these articles provide a little tasty food for thought. Are you concerned at all about your retirement?

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