Define Wealth?

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Define Wealth?
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Ever thought about what it means to be wealthy? Is this some distant dream available only to flashy celebs or supernaturally blessed athletes? 100 people will probably define wealth very differently. We posed this question on Facebook and received the following responses:

  • Wealth is having money in the bank with at least 5 zeros behind it. Knowing what assets are, not just spending every dime you get. About being comfortable, lacking for nothing
  • A fulfilled state of mind.
  • “Being able acquire the things one truly loves” and making it to “The required destination”

Great definitions – all of them. My favorite is Chris Rock’s colorful analysis on the differences between rich and wealth (a sanitized version for sensitive ears):

Webster’s take on wealth is the “abundance of valuable material possessions or resources”. However you define wealth, from a fiscal perspective (money), your goal will be easier to achieve free from the stranglehold of debt! Debt freedom gives you options.

How do you define wealth?


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