Unlocking the Secret to Success with a #SideHustle on Fiverr

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Unlocking the Secret to Success with a #SideHustle on Fiverr
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One week in and I haven’t seen any movement on my Fiverr gigs. I am not deterred.

Not yet anyway.

To catch everyone up – I’m participating in a 60-day challenge to build a thriving side income using Fiverr.com. Find more details about my challenge here: Side Hustle Challenge Accepted – Making Money on Fiverr.

 Success on Fiverr

My current gigs include:

1. Editing

I do see a ton of editing gigs on Fiverr. I’m betting there’s a ton of demand for editors. The trick is making my gig stand out. With one week in, I need to experiment further.

I am a little leery of this gig taking off because I don’t want to be overwhelmed and not be able to deliver. so far, I’ve had crickets. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


2. Website Review

I saw a blog post about good gigs to break into the Fiverr-verse with – one was reviews. Writing reviews. Blog comments. Product reviews. You name it, there are offers to opine with opinions. Seems easy enough. The next step is to make sure my gigs stand out. I’ll keep you posted.


3. Personal Finance

I haven’t figured out a great way to offer an information product. This would satisfy the ability to create once and reproduce that I figured is a way to make the most of Fiverr. Right now, I have our Give Yourself a Raise in  21 Days book on the site. I’m still tweaking this offering.


Try a Gig for FREE

You may want to try before you buy. Well if you’re selling, there is nothing to buy, but stay with me.

Test out just how simple the Fiverr.com process is by using one of the coupons for a free gig. The catch is, these coupons are only good once with a brand new Fiverr account. You need to sign up with a new email address.

  • THIRD: Enter DEBTFREEDIVAS2015 in the promo code field when you check out.

Easy as pie.


Getting Started

Since this is my first journey into selling gigs on Fiverr, research was in order. I found a couple of great post with good tips for getting started on Fiverr.

Nick mentioned anarchofighter and when I learned about how successful this guy has been on Fiverr, I knew I had to contact him for a Midday Money Show interview.


Topics Covered on This Episode

  • Mark Mason earned enough selling gigs on Fiverr.com to purchase investment property after one year.
  • How to advance quickly to a level 1 seller and get your gigs more attention.
  • A low cost strategy for developing gigs that sell.
  • Explanation of the Fiverr levels and how to take advantage of custom gigs.
  • No-No’s that all Fiverr sellers should avoid.


Teamwork makes the dreamwork. ~ Mark Mason


Resources Mentioned in this Episode


For those looking to join the Find $200/month in your Budget Challenge, start here!

 Unlocking the Secret to Success on Fiverr

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Fiverr.com in cooperation with Kasai Media. While I have been compensated for participating in this challenge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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