Unleashing Your Inner DIVA

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Unleashing Your Inner DIVA
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Hello World. It’s a New Year!! Time to unleash your INNER DEBT FREE DIVA (…or Dude)!!

You know – the one you’ve been hiding from so long you barely recognize them anymore. The one longing to be free of the world’s want for red soled shoes, designer sofas and 60” 1080p LED HDTVs.

Well this is YOUR year. BE FREE my friend BE FREE!! Free to shop the clearance rack without fear of reprisal. Free to own a 40” without losing friends.Free to proudly present your 2 for 1 dinner coupon…while on a date!! Free to be DEBT FREE!!

Whatever it is you’ve always wanted to be, do, try or become – as Nike would say – JUST DO IT!!!

Once you no longer care about the world’s view of you, you are free to be … well … YOU!! Being you is a lot more fun and fiscally freeing than what others want you to be. As the blues legend, Johnnie Taylor, would say “It’s Cheaper to Keep Her”.

In the New Year, as always, the DIVAS are dedicated to helping you become DEBT FREE. So have a FREE week on us…

o Losing 1 Latte a week

§ Cha ching – $160 a year (not to mention about 250 calories)

o Driving past the drive-thru once a week

§ Cha ching- $300 a year

o Skipping the smokes for a week every month

§ Cha ching – $260 a year

o Less Lotto (and Mega Millions and Scratch Off and …)

§ Cha ching- $150 a year

o and Fellas – being your own barber (only once a month)

§ Cha ching – $300 a year

That’s a whopping $1170/year – not a bad haul for a week’s work!! The little things add up.

So start your year off right, unleash your inner DIVA and see how fun it is to be DEBT FREE!!! If you need a little help staying on track, never fear, the DIVAS are here. Just comment on this article, include your goals and we’ll check in on you. No spam, no selling – just a quick quarterly poke and, with your permission, a little PDA (Public Displays of Accomplishments).


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