My Trip on the Capital One #ReimagineBanking Tour

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My Trip on the Capital One #ReimagineBanking Tour
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Capital One is leading a new trend in community banking – and I like it.

Community banking centers are popping up in cities across the U.S. This is how Capital One is helping consumers rethink how they engage with the bank.

Chicago just happens to be the site of a brand new center and one more scheduled to open later in 2017. The New City site (Hasted and North Avenue) is brand spanking new.

A 54′ tour bus parked outside the center to help promote the opening and I had a chance to hang out last weekend.

While the weather was a tad bit frightful, the centers themselves are warm and inviting.

New City boasts about 5,000 square feet of comfy seating areas, private pods, and reserveable conference rooms. There’s also a Peet’s Cafe right inside. It’s like they’ve thought of everything a 21st century, digitally connected human being would need.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never just wanted to go hang out at a bank. Quite frankly, banks are not set up for that. Here’s the thing. Where can you go in your community if you just want a change of scenery without paying a membership fee or being hassled by pushy sales people?

Well, if you live in one of the 10 cities currently home to a Capital One Cafe, you are in luck.

The tour included a financial personality assessment on 5 foot touch screen panels. Very next generation high-tech stuff.


It was short and sweet, but thought provoking.

How much time do you really spend thinking about what you should be doing with your money? What’s cool about the tour and the Capital One Cafes in general is you now have ready access to pros who can help you with those questions.

It’s not salesy. Just help when you want it. Or a place to plug in and refresh if you don’t.

You even leave with a little selfie memento.

Capital One conducted a survey in Chicago and found that only 33% of respondents felt confident about what they were doing with their personal finances. In this era of ever present opinions and ideas, it can be tough to sort out good information from fluff.

Another thing I like about the cafes is they’re all staffed with Cafe Ambassadors. You can talk to someone about your personal situation. You can speak with a money coach. You don’t even need to be a Capital One customer to take advantage of all this goodness.

Three sessions with a money coach are yours for the taking.

So check out the Capital One site. Richmond, Boston, Philadelphia, and Austin are still on tap. Hopefully you all have better weather than we did (here in Chicago). Enjoy the tour. Find out a little more about your personal finance personality.

Have a cookie and coffee on Capital One.


Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post! This is a paid endorsement. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One.  To learn more about Capital One, visit OR
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