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To-Do Novel Tips
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Again, I love learning and sharing new things. If you are anything like me, you have a million things to do – all due yesterday. I’ve run across a variety of to-do list management techniques. Mary Kay Ash – cosmetic maven who for years wouldn’t reveal her age – told a story of an efficiency expert, Ivy Lee.  He suggested keeping your list to 6 (no more, no less). The list, ideally, is long enough to seem doable, but short enough not to appear overwhelming. I tried that … for a time.

Last week, while attending a marketing workshop at the Small Business Expo, I picked up a jewel on to-do list management. Valerie Beck of Chicago Chocolate Tours shared the Three D’s of managing your To-Do Novel:

  • Do – Look over your list and decide exactly what you are willing/able to do.
  • Delegate – Figure out what items you can reasonable pawn off, I mean offload, to an underling, hired gun, or child in need of allowance money.
  • Dump –  These are items that really don’t need to be done right away, if ever.

I like it. Sweet. Simple. Satisfying. Of course, so far, all the items on my To-Do Novel remain in the “Do” column. I’m working on that. In the mean time, blog about managing to-do lists…check!

I’ve started every day for 20 yrs writing & prioritizing my to-do list for the day. The busier you get, the more important this is! ~ Dave Ramsey


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