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Thoughts on Thankfulness
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I try to continually count my blessings. However, the Thanksgiving season tends to put a point on that idea. Possibly because we slow down from the hustle and bustle of life long enough to take stock of what we have. Spending more time focusing on areas of gratitude stops me from pining over what I’m missing. I’m reminded of a great quote:


“We may not be where we want to be today, but we are further along than where we were yesterday.”

So this is just a partial, impromptu list of blessings I appreciate during this Thanksgiving season (and beyond):

  • Good Health (for myself and family)
  • Loving circle of friends and family
  • Heat in the winter (Hello, Chicago!)
  • Uneventful pregnancy – although I will be even more thankful when this pregnancy bears fruit!
  • Loving marriage to my best friend
  • Pictures from the birth of my daugther
  • A son who makes my heart sing
  • A Youtube account with videos clips from the first year of my son’s life (he may not be so thankful of my incessant need to upload videos in the years to come)
  • Past experiences, both good and bad, that have helped me mature
  • My faith and a wonderful church family
  • Game nights
  • Outdoor activities in all seasons
  • The library!!!
  • Airplanes
  • People who pass along baby clothes in good condition
  • Wireless Internet
  • My smart phone

I kid with some items, but am generally thankful even as I strive to build a better life and legacy for my family. Finally, the Debt Free Divas are so very thankful for YOU! Thank you for including us in your debt free journey. We want to help you celebrate when you cross the finish line.

What makes your list of thankful things?


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