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Taking a Break – Adopt US Kids Campaign and PSA
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I’m taking a blogging break from focusing on all things as they relate to money. Not blogging itself.

I have a wonderful chance to share some information about a topic that’s near to my heart – adoption. I haven’t talked about my journey through infertility on this blog, mainly because it doesn’t seem to fit. However, that 10 year journey is a huge part of why the Debt Free Divas blog exists.

After years of way too many infertility treatments, a miscarriage, and a traumatic experience with neonatal death – my sweet Casey took the express route to Heaven – I was looking for something productive to fill my days. The Laundromat just wasn’t doing it.

The blog became a creative outlet for the mess of emotions. Yes, talking about personal finances helped me cope. Mine is not to question why…at least not in this instance. It just worked.

Even though my journey through infertility has produced two beautiful children still with me, I believe that we should also adopt. I didn’t pursue adoption first because that wasn’t the route that felt right. WonderMan and I talked about adoption before we were engaged. It’s always been on my radar. Now that I’ve jumped in the parent pool, I would like to wait until my children are a few years older (and out of diapers) before we expand our family.


Being an older “new mom” has its challenges if a larger family is a desire of your heart. I don’t feel my family is yet complete. It breaks my heart to read stats like:

  • 402,000 children are currently in the US foster care system
  • 102,000 children are presently available for adoption
  • 23% of children listed with the Adopt US Kids campaign have a sibling which can make it harder to find placement

The good news is the Adopt US Kids campaign has placed 23,000 children since its inception in 2004. That’s awesome, but a simple subtraction problem highlights the need for many more people to stand up.

Some of my favorite commercials are from the “You Don’t Have to Be a Perfect Parent” campaign. This is another good one!



For more information about foster care or adoption, visit adoptuskids.org.


Please share your experience with adoption or foster care in the comments below. I’d love to hear it!

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