Spending Fast Between Spouses

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Spending Fast Between Spouses
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WonderMan’s head dropped after drinking in those four little words…”We need to talk”. What a great conversation starter. Not! He probably thought…here we go again, another quirky gimmick in her quest to financial fulfillment. This time, I proposed a spending fast.

The conversation started, harmless enough, over a discussion of dingy bibs. “Instead of buying new bibs, let’s soak and bleach in honor of the No Buy Month experiment”. No buy who? The minor discussion really highlights just how much random spending is a normal part of life. His point is simple: Just buy new bibs. So how do you make changes to your family’s spending habits when one is willing and the other is not?

Convince with actions. Often we talk about changes and want buy in before we put in the work. Start by making the financial behavior changes you seek in your significant other.

Respect their journey. We arrive at conclusions in our own time. How long did it take you to jump on the debt free bandwagon? Give your spouse the time and space they need to join you on the road to financial freedom.

Do your thing. I found that WonderMan valued results over assertions. Until we had concrete examples of progress to evaluate, he countered every rationale for debt freedom with an equal and opposite point of view. Stop arguing and start doing. It’s harder to argue with accomplishments.

I may have to do the No Buy Month solo this time. That’s okay. Any positive outcomes from this experiment will win WonderMan’s buy in faster (with less tension) then theoretical discussions of what might happen.


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