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Shop Your Closet Challenge
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I am loving the monthly challenges. Hopefully they are helping you focus and build useful skills needed to slay your debt dragon. Last month, we worked on building our budgeting muscles with the 30 Day Budget Challenge thanks to our friends, the Debt Free Squad. April ushers in the spring season and a great reason to shop in your own closet.  

Shop Your Closet Challenge Rules:

  1. Refrain from purchasing anything new (or new to you) that can be worn.
  2. Organize your closets and sort out any items destined for donation or the dump.
  3. Recreate fashionable ensembles using the items you already have.
  4. Swap (as you feel comfortable) with friends or family to expand your repertoire.
  5. Post your creations on the Debt Free Divas’ or Shop My Closet Project’s Facebook walls (or email them) to compete for cash and prizes.

The goals here are threefold. We want to help you:

  1. Pay off debt faster by eliminating unnecessary expenditures.
  2. Learn to be content with what you have while paying off debt (and beyond).
  3. Have fun enhancing your fashionable, frugal self.

Let’s have some fun. This first week we are getting organized. Donate those skinny jeans that haven’t fit since the 90’s. Dust off your sport coats, unpack the maxi dresses, or shake out the wrinkles from those pin stripes…shopping in your closet can be fabulous.

Post any pictures of your organization projects: before, during or after. We’ll choose the finalist to complete for cash and prizes. It’s that simple.

How much did you spend last month on clothes?


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