Shayla Price Earned $100,000 in Scholarships for College

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Shayla Price Earned $100,000 in Scholarships for College
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I love when Facebook is used constructively. Sure, there’s a ton of mind candy, but one can also connect with a vibrant community of thoughtful intellectuals. 

Not to boast, but #teamdebtfree continually impresses me with the quality of meaningful conversation and respectful yet passionate debate on a variety of personal finance topics. You’re missing out if not plugged in.

One such conversation, inspired by our previous Midday Money Show guest – Aja McClanahan, was based on a CNN documentary. Ivory Tower explores whether the government should assist students struggling to repay massive student loan debt. That topic touched a nerve (a few nerves actually). What do you think?

Scholarships for College

During the exchange, I was reminded of an interview with Shayla Price. She talked about earning over $100,000 in scholarships by her junior year in high school. One way to avoid large student loans is to start early and aggressively seek free money.

I laughed (more like cringed) as I listened to this early recording in the Midday Money Show history. We’ve come a long way since chatting with Shayla. However the information is still relevant. Just have a little patience with the rough edges (and poor sound quality)!


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