Share Your In-Progress Journey & Wins!

Share Your In-Progress Journey & Wins!
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Hi #teamdebtfree!

This journey to accomplish financial goals can be long, lonely, and lead you to doubt whether success is possible.

I know. I’ve been there.

That was the inspiration for starting Debt Free Divas all those years ago. A community of debt dumpers in the trenches that can support and “spur one another on towards good deeds” is priceless.

Let’s take our experience to the next level.

When you write down your goals and document your progress, that history has a way of encouraging you (and others) when a boost is necessary.

I looked back over my past, printed budget worksheetsAll. The. Time.


To remind me that while I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I wasn’t where I was!

Progress matters.

I’m inviting you to share a much or as little of your journey as you feel led.

  • You can talk about why your financial goal is important.
  • You can share small (or BIG) wins along the way.
  • You can share missteps and lessons learned (these are important too!).
  • You can share with a pseudonym or as your real-life self.

Most importantly, you can document your journey to have a look back – right here on this blog. Aaaaaaand, you be helping the next member of #teamdebtfree.

Debt is an equal opportunity problem. We face it in personal ways, but we face it in a community that has your back.

To get started, comment below and I’ll be in touch with your community account. Or you can email me directly at freedom (at) debtfreedivas (dot) com.

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