Saying “I Do” to Debt

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Saying “I Do” to Debt
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Talaat and Tai McNeely of His and Her Money have a great communication skills now after 8 years of marriage. However, the smoothness was a little bumpy in the beginning.

That’s nothing new. It takes time to build a solid foundation.

However, Tai – who’s been debt-adverse since her sophomore year in high school – learned that her knight in shinning armor was $30,000 in debt right before saying “I Do”.

How would you handle the news?

I love Tai’s response to the surprise news as given below. The McNeelys share their pre-marriage-money-woes and debt free story for today’s New Year New You 2015 profile.



This is the first video in our series. This 20 minute overview of their debt free story is very interesting and well worth your time.


1. Tai: How did you react to finding out that Talaat was in debt and hadn’t been entirely open about his financial situation?

I was very upset when I found out Talaat was not entirely open about his financial situation, in the beginning. I never gave him any idea that I would be disappointed, if his financial situation was less desirable.

2. Talaat: Why did you find it difficult to share your complete history with Tai?

How do you tell the person you love, that you are not good with money? I felt ashamed and disgusted. I was fed up with the way I was living financially. I knew I needed to turn things around. I did not feel it was fair, to put this on my soon to be wife.

2b. Talaat: Once you opened up, was Tai’s response worse than you expected or not as bad?

Tai’s reaction was so gentle and loving. She embraced the entire situation with grace. I believe that is what made the process so much easier.

3. You both expressed adverse reactions to your frugal upbringing. Do you plan to approach parenting any differently with your kids as it relates to money?

We are incorporating a lot of our upbringing in the raising of our children. We try to be an example to them, just like our parents were to us. We are teaching them to save, spend and give!

Say I Do to Debt


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