Savings at Home: Stop Losing Money Every Day

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Savings at Home: Stop Losing Money Every Day
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The household budget is all important for you and your family, and can be seemingly inflexible. Most people don’t realize that they can find savings at home that make a difference in their budgets though. All you have to do is identify where you are losing money in your home, from the heating and air conditioning bill to the Internet service. Check out these parts of your house budget that could use some tightening up.

Not Using Energy Efficient Bulbs
It’s surprising how much electricity a standard incandescent bulb requires. If you are still using this type of light bulb, consider switching them all out with energy efficient options. According to, LEDs and CFL bulbs use between 25 and 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.


Separate Internet, Phone, and Cable Bills
Many companies offer package deals on internet, phone, and cable service. Rather than using different companies for each, bundle them all with one company like Direct Cable and save anywhere from ten to fifty dollars a month. You may wind up with more channels or a faster internet speed. Plus, this is more convenient for your bill pay.


Buying and Preparing Too Much Food
We all have eyes that are bigger than our stomachs and it’s not uncommon to prepare too much food and not eat all the leftovers each week. According to the National Resources Defense Council, the average American winds up throwing out 25 percent of their food and drinks. Be a little bit more mindful of how much you prepare at each meal and you could find savings at home by recouping those losses. This doesn’t mean you have to limit what you eat either. If you are still hungry after finishing the meal, you can always make more food.


Thermostat Set Too High/Too Low
In winter, many people crank up the heat and in summer keep the air conditioner running all the time. Consider keeping the thermostat set at slightly more moderate levels to reduce electric and heating costs. Or you could do a review of your home to see if the doors and windows should be replaced with more energy efficient ones. There are also smart thermostats on the market that can be programmed to operate more effectively and help cut energy usage.

You lose money in a variety of ways throughout the home. Most of these losses don’t seem like much at first, but when added up they can really impact your budget. Make a few changes to find savings at home and keep your money in your pocket.

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