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Save Money and Get Cash Back from your Phone Service
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I can be a creature of habit. Once I have systems or services setup, I rarely review them for savings. That’s not a good habit to have if you’re looking for ways to save money.

If cash is tight and you are looking for ways to cut back, everything should be on the table.

I’ll be honest, I tend to let WonderMan handle the cost comparisons of phones and other subscription services. All I care about is does it work when I need it and are we being charged what we owe. However, I’ve been hearing so much about Republic Wireless that I couldn’t ignore the potential cost savings.

Republic Wireless is one the latest kids on the smartphone block. They offer packages which include data, talk, and text starting at just $10/month. To sweeten the pot, they don’t require contracts!

I’ve been with Sprint since the 90’s (it was my first job out of college). We’re generally happy with our service and find the cost of doing business with them reasonable. I’ve had no complaints. However, Republic Wireless has changed my loyalty tune.


Republic WirelessThis post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed are authentically my own. No worries, I never affiliate with any service that does not enhance and support your debt free journey.


WonderMan has yet to be similarly convinced, so for the first time in 13 years, we’re a split phone service provider family. This will actually allow me to do a real-time apples to apples comparison – other than just the numbers.

But…let’s start with the numbers.


WonderMan’s Service

  • $52.70/month: 2GB Data Plan, Unlimited Talk/Text
  • $18.00 / month: 24-month phone lease

Other Fees:

  • $1.99: Detailed Bill (huh???)
  • $6.78: Sprint Surcharges

The lease phone option is actually the more expensive route. Over two years, the additional payment = $432 vs $199 if you pay for the phone up front. WonderMan’s argument was that he didn’t have to pay anything upfront and that he might want to switch phones before the 2-year contract ends. Doing the lease gives him more flexibility.

I only upgrade phones when one breaks (which is my current predicament and why I’m giving Republic Wireless a closer look), so paying $199 up front is the better option for me.


My New Service

With Republic Wireless, my phone was $199 for an 8GB, Moto G (3rd Gen). It’s so new, there are no reviews yet. Guess I’ll have to add my two cents once I’ve given the phone a proper spin. They do offer refurbished phones starting at $69. Unfortunately, there is currently a waiting list for those gems.

There is a less expensive phone option, the Moto E is $129. Out of 680+ reviews, the phone earned 3.8/5 stars. That’s not bad. It’s working well for quite a few people.


Republic Wireless Service

  • $25/month: 1GB, Unlimited Talk/Text

I will have to update this with any bill or surcharge fees if they exist. The 2GB monthly service is $40/month. Since we had 2GB to share between the both of us and I only used about .5 GB monthly, I think the $25/month plan will do.

There’s also a $17.00 monthly plan which offers unlimited text/talk and .5GB of data. That’s another potential cost savings if your data usage fits that range. I’ll be honest, the prices – on paper – really make the transfer from creature comfort worth the extra effort.

How much are you paying for a month for your phone?

Here’s the really nice part.

Unused data is refunded and credited to my next bill each month!


Just comparing WonderMan’s base service of $52/month to the new service with Republic Wireless, I’ll save $449 over two years. That doesn’t include the potential refunds.

If I don’t find the service works for my global lifestyle (I spend much of my time in the Midwest), then I don’t have a contract and can check out AT&T or T-Mobile. The Moto G phone operates on the GSM network.

I wouldn’t break my phone contract. However, if you are contract free and in the market for a new phone and looking to save money, definitely check out Republic Wireless.

For additional savings ideas, visit the Penny Hoarder’s Black Friday portal. They have live bloggers November 25 & 26 answering questions about the best deals.


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