T’was The Night Before Christmas (Debt Free Divas Style)

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T’was The Night Before Christmas (Debt Free Divas Style)
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T’was the day before Christmas and all over the land,

Folks were wrapping up shopping and finishing holiday plans.


The stockings were hung by the Christmas tree with care,

In hopes that many presents soon would be there.


The children have submitted their requests for knick-knacks

While you perform a budget balancing act.

Christmas Poem


Bills have to be paid,

Christmas comes every year.

It’s getting more expensive to spread holiday cheer.


When out of the clutter,

There arose some good chatter.

You spring to the Internet

And tune into the matter.


Away on the keyboard you type in a flash,

To find ladies say celebrate this Christmas with cash!


They share ways to handle money.

Things helpful to know.

Yes, Christmas is festive,

But not an excuse to blow.


When what to your curious eyes should appear,

But tips on managing your money.

Nothing to fear.


With a little seasoned wisdom on budgeting tips,

You knew in a moment this wasn’t a trick.


More down to earth and straightforward,

The information came.

The Debt Free Divas catch your attention,

Because they keep it plain!


Now Visa, Now Discover, Now MasterCard please!

No more Citibank or Capital One,

Enough with your fees!


From baby toys to outfits to gadgets hung on the walls,

We’re paying cash, paying cash, paying cash for it all!

. . .

They’re friendly, plain spoken, and just want to help.

You grow when you learn and can challenge yourself.


A Tweet from Tyrease or Facebook post from Jill;

Some blogging humor from Toni makes learning a thrill.


Personal Finance is not hard,

But does require some work.

We do what we must now,

So later, we do what we want!


So celebrate within reason.

On mistakes do not lean.

And be sure to take no new debt into the year 2015.


As you complete your preparations

And spread Christmas glee,

Make sure to budget and pay cash

For everything under the tree.


And one day soon you’ll exclaim, “This is the way life should be,

Merry Christmas to all, and oh yeah, I’m DEBT FREE!”

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