She Paid Off $50,000 in Debt – Now She’s Off to Travel the World

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She Paid Off $50,000 in Debt – Now She’s Off to Travel the World
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Travel The World

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Picture this. Three hundred and sixty-five days outside of the United States. Absorbing the culture of people who speak a different language at your own pace. Taking in sites often relegated to travel magazines. Exploring new worlds beyond the tourist hot spots. No concrete plan in place, just an openness to new adventures. The only certainty is that you will travel the world.

Not your thing?

Well it will be for Amethyst Phillips and her teaching BFF/travel companion.

Amethyst dreamed for years – looking for away to travel the world. Until recently, that was a dream deferred.

What changed?

A little thing like becoming debt free. She paid off $51,000 of student loans, car loans, and credit cards while working as teacher in Chicago, IL.


Amethyst definitely employed the usual strategies. She cut expenses. She outlined clear goals. However, she had a secret weapon in her debt free arsenal.


That’s right. She used the Power of Community to accomplish the Great Debt Dump. Now Amethyst and her friend are off to travel the world.

She can do this because she removed the burden of debt, allowing her to save and providing the flexibility to resign from a traditional income source for the entire year.


Topics Covered on this Episode

While leaving home for a year to travel the world may not be your thing. Find and cling to a source of motivation. Use that to stay focused on your own debt free goals. Eventually, I’ll have you on the show to help keep #teamdebtfree motivated!

We talked about:

  • The Teach For America / Americorps program and how it helped her pay off $25,000 in student loans
  • Travel tips for staying safe while exploring abroad
  • How she developed a winning relationship with her accountability partner
  • The cost to travel the world for 365 days and how she’s planning to fund it
  • How she put together the dream trip of a lifetime
  • How I can possibly justify leaving my family for a year and tagging along!



“I’m going to do it in 5.” ~ Amethyst Phillips


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