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One Thing in 2015
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As a self-described lover of lists, the first of the year is generally my time to shine. I love making lists; and checking them twice; planning to ensure the next year goes just right!

It rarely does though. This girl will not be dissuaded!

I’ve had the same goal journal since 2008. It’s filled with the optimism for the New Year and the transferred goals from the previous year’s…we’ll call them…opportunities for improvement. 

As I scan the pages, I can definitely see progress in print. I generally break my goals into categories: Spiritual, Personal, Family, Business, and Leisure. 2014 was the final year for our Laundromat related goals. That story is still winding down; I hope to have an update soon. If you need a refresher, I started spilling the beans in Failing Forward.

 One Thing to Focus On in 2015

Besides being forced to face facts with our first entrepreneurial venture, we welcomed another bundle of joy. I really didn’t have many plans for 2013 besides moving (our oh so cute, swanky South Loop condo for 2 was crowded) and retain sanity.

We had a great year – all things considered.

Even with the high points, there are a number of areas that didn’t pan out as planned.

  • We had to close our business.
  • Due to our foreclosure (on the building), we’ll have additional debt to dump in 2015. More on this soon!
  • The Debt Free Divas’ social media numbers are nowhere near desired levels.
  • My reading rate (I generally strive for 1 nonfiction book a month) was almost nonexistent this year.
  • My weight has not budged down (it loves to creep up). After a year, I’m pretty sure I can’t blame this on the baby any more.

I’m taking my time this year and trying to be prayerful where my goals are concerned for 2015. In the meantime, I’ve read some great articles on goals or goal setting. So far:

  1. A New York Times author encourages us to look back before goal setting ahead. I like that.
  2. The ladies at Fun on a Budget did a great round up of their top posts for 2014. This was such a good idea.
  3. The Budget Loving Military Wife adds excursion to other countries – multiple times a year – to her goals. You know I love that! It helps to be living in Europe already, but not everyone takes advantage of the opportunities. Can you imagine taking day trips to Paris? LOVE!

I’m such a nerd. Even looking at other people’s lists is exciting. Ha!

However, this year I’m feeling some kinda way about my list. Nothing’s final yet. A few ideas swirling include:

  • bible study with someone, somewhere, on a somewhat regular basis
  • losing a ton of weight by living healthy (I see more running & zumba in my future)
  • recovering from a pretty major surgery in January
  • two destination weddings + a return to Caribana (West Indian festival in Toronto, Canada)
  • home maintenance updates and furnishing my the kid’s and living room
  • going pro with the Debt Free Divas’ blog and business ideas
  • eliminating all foreclosure related debt in one year – regardless of amount (trying to be bold here)
  • completing my next book
  • reading…much much more reading
  • potty training everyone and everything in this house (1 almost down, 1 to get started). TMI?
  • Spanish (it’s been on the list since 2008)

That’s not a complete list by any means. Again, trying to be prayerful and purposeful about goals. For now, I’ve decided to focus on ONE MAIN ITEM.

Can you pick just one? What one item would you like to focus on improving, correcting, or continuing in 2015? It’s not easy.

I asked myself before starting this post and honestly had no idea. It would be super nice to fit into my pre- pregnancy clothes; thus negating the need for a full wardrobe redo. Of course, my spiritual self would say bible study needs to be a no questions asked priority (Seek first His kingdom…right?). Being comfortable and all settled at home has its tangible benefits. But…no…

Vision Board

Of all the important areas on which to focus in 2015 – if I had to choose one – I’d like to be more disciplined with time (being on time, establishing and sticking with a reasonable schedule, not over committing, facing the fact that with 2 kids – I’m not getting anywhere in 10 minutes anymore, etc.).

Yep! That’s the one thing for 2015.

If you had to choose one thing for 2015, what would it be?

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