Back on Track

Back on Track
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Wow. The Debt Free Divas talk show is taking off. Thanksgiving has come and gone. The store traffic is picking up. A new part-time gig is in full swing. Life can be hectic. I recently realized that we’ve neglected to update the budget worksheet … for the last three months! What do you do when you fall off the fiscal wagon train? You have to reset and restart.


Easier said then done. Right? Actually, no. I want you to resist the pity party, reflect on past progress, recruit a support system, and refuse to give in. Got it!!! Let’s dig in.


Spilled milk. Stuff happens. We are only human. There are litanies of soothing cliché’s that may apply.  There is no shame in falling down. The problem emerges when you decide to stay down. A journey to debt freedom and financial health and happiness will be lined with obstacles, set backs, and bad decisions. The key is to learn from each misstep to better navigate similar situations in the future. Wallowing in a pity party over should-a/could-a’s is counterproductive and a waste of energy. Shake it off and move on to…


Use past budget sheets to remind yourself how much debt you’ve eliminated. No past budget sheets for you? There is no time like the present. Remember; maintain a file with past monthly budgets. Reference them as a reminder while progressing toward your goal. In the meantime…


Do you have a money buddy, a fiscal friend, or a partner (pronounced pad-na) in progress? We need someone to help hold us accountable!!! This can be a spouse, parent/sibling, or responsible drinking buddy. Choose anyone who shares your commitment to a debt free lifestyle. Invite your money buddy to routinely check in on your progress and you do the same. With a team in place…


Each set back is an opportunity for you to give in. Choose to persevere. Debt freedom delivers greater options, financial control, and more security. Each time your get sidetracked, neglect your debt repayment plan, or blow your budget; make the choice to reset and restart.  Your future debt-free-self will thank you.

Join the Debt Free Divas Thursday @ 11:30 am CST. We’ll be talking about more ways to get back on track and more on the Mid Day Money Show!


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