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New Year New You 2015
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We like to begin the year with a New Year New You project. In the past we’ve done Give Yourself a Raise in 21 Days. 21 days is generally accepted as the amount of time needed to form a new (or break a bad) habit.

Beginning on Monday, the Debt Free Divas will again harness the Power of Community to immerse you in stories of those just starting, steady in progress, or already done with their debt dumping goal. When you can see it, you can be it.

We’ll get to learn from, celebrate with, and cheer on a group of brave individuals who’ve agreed to put fear aside and open up about their struggles, their mindset, or their hopes for a better financial future.

There is something indescribably freeing when you pull back the curtains and let your light shine…even if the light is currently just a flicker.


Every Monday-Friday for the month of January, we’ll profile a person, couple or family at various stages in the journey to debt freedom. Twenty-one stories of people working to overcome obstacles should help spark the motivation you need to start or maintain focus.

Bookmark this page or subscribe so you don’t miss a beat. A link to each profile will be added below.

You can Share Your Debt Free Journey and let #teamdebtfree help hold you accountable to your goals.


 Rachel Gause is dumping $180K

Jackie Beck dumped $147K

Brittany Williams faces $70,000.

Aja’s ‘Hood saved her finances.

The Brandows dumped 6 figure debt.

Terria Lewis is facing $90K.

Serving the country, dumping debt.

Couples facing debt together.

Craig’s life after bankruptcy.

Trea’s good vs bad debt debate.

The McNeelys said “I Do” to Debt.

Ready to retire debt free.



New Year Debt Profiles


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