How Melissa Thomas Used a Muse to Pay off $43,000 in Debt

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How Melissa Thomas Used a Muse to Pay off $43,000 in Debt
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Elton John occupies a special place in Melissa Thomas’ heart. Ever since her thirteen-year-old self stumbled upon one of his cassette tapes she’s been on a mission to meet the legend in person. Who knew her love for the Rocket Man would play a pivotal role in helping her pay off debt years later.

I get it.

New Edition – still – makes my heart sing. I can probably recite the words to “Candy Girl” in my sleep. So I understand an enduring connection to a childhood musical love. I even had a chance to say hi to Ronnie in person – we had breakfast at the same airport breakfast spot the morning after their concert in Atlanta.

My husband talked me out of bugging him for a morning photo. It was 6 o’clock in the morning. I should have ignored WonderMan! I still regret not getting a photo with Ronnie.

So I get it.

However, Melissa let her affinity for seeing Elton John live spur her own to pay off debt – $43,000 in credit cards, student loans, and cars – after a particularly unpleasant reality check that we talk about on this episode of the Midday Money Show.

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Topics Covered on this Episode

We talked about:

  • How she and her husband came together to pay off debt
  • How Elton John served as a muse to pay off debt
  • How reaching financial rock bottom helped turn the family finances around
  • Practical tips for getting used to budgeting for the first time
  • Figuring out your why and using that to help you stay focused when a spouse is not yet on board



“My number one reason for becoming debt free was to have money to go see Elton John” ~ Melissa Thomas


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