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Meals @ Home This Month Update
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We’re half way through November and I’m curious…how has the challenge been so far? Have you noticed anything about your food purchasing patterns? Have you tried any interesting recipes? Have you thrown in the towel completely?

Challenges are good because they allow for focused effort over a limited time period. I love to use challenges to break up the monotony of budgeting, frugal living, and dumping debt. They add a little sparkle. Let’s face it, if dumping debt was super sexy – everyone would do it.


I have kept my resolve and remained 100% committed to Meals @ Home this month. The most difficult part is keeping up with snacks during long days out on the town. Packing up diaper bags and now winter gear is enough to send me napping. Snacks for moi is an often neglected detail.

In the past, I’d pull through a drive through and keep it moving. This month, I’ve just been powering through any cravings until I reach home base. Reminding myself that I’m knee deep in challenge mode helps.

The other factor is something I like to call, “Tired Toni”. Some days I’m just not interested in stepping foot in anyone’s kitchen; let alone my own. Left overs help here. Friday is generally the day I have the most temptation to order pizza. Cooking a larger meal (i.e. chicken and noodles) has saved my last two “Tired Toni” Fridays.

Next week, I fully intend to put our menu planning tips into the weekly rotation.

If you’re new to the challenge or just looking for a little more inspiration, take a look at the following posts to get up to speed.

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? I’m visiting and not cooking…so ABSOLUTELY!

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