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Make Extra Money on the Side with Freelance Work
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Paying off debt is a noble goal. It can also be long term endeavor. Any program to pay off debt should begin with a careful examination of current spending habits. Cutbacks and budgeting will take you far. After that, looking for ways to make extra money will help speed up your date with debt freedom.

Finding reliable options to make extra money has become easier.

At least, the options have become more available.

Working full-time, managing the needs of a household, or living away from large commercial centers may limit your access to or available time for extra work.

Did you know people were supplementing or even drawing full-time income from freelance work?

Gina Horkey is one such person. Within 8 months of beginning a side hustle – freelance writing, she was able to leave her full-time career of 10 years and serve as the sole income source for her family of four.

Make Extra Money

Gina was my guest on the Midday Money Show as we discussed how to make extra money by offering your freelance services.

Freelance Work Options

What type of work lends itself to freelance opportunities.

The short answer is – a lot.

These days, you’ll find freelancers performing a variety of tasks:

  • Writing / Content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Blog management
  • Email management
  • Graphic design
  • Video and podcast editing
  • Voice over work
  • YouTube script writing
  • Software development / Support / Database management / Anything of an IT nature
  • Baby/Pet sitting
  • Customer Service Reps

These are just a few of the services I’ve used personally.

Working to make extra money can improve your debt dumping momentum. The extra cash helps you make a bigger impact faster. Speeding along towards your goal is a great way to stay focused.

Get Started Today

That’s the beauty of learning from someone who’s been there. Gina shared very practical advice on how to get started today. She suggests:

  • Free job boards like, CraigsList, or
  • Paid job boards, for example
  • Creating a website to provide samples of your work.
  • Uses free sources to create online portfolios.

Freelance work comes in all flavors. You can work remotely, full or part-time, or on alternative schedules. The flexibility allows you to make extra money around your current schedule. The Internet remove geographic limitations that would otherwise be problematic.

Pretty much, the limitation is your imagination and your hustle.

My Freelance Update

Since discovering freelance work options, I’ve challenged myself to prove this theory. Bang or bust, I’ll share the results with you all. I’ve been putting my ability to make extra money through freelance work to test.

  • Starting in October, I took the plunge.
  • By November, I’d earned an extra $665 with no prior experience.
  • I also looked at Fiverr. I didn’t crack the code, but I talked with someone who did.
  • This month, I’ll have a helpful update for you on my progress since November. Let’s just say, it can be done. I’m all in.


Topics Discussed in this Episode

Gina Horkey was so helpful and I appreciate how open she was to help us take the plunge. Freelance work isn’t for everyone, but everyone should consider the option for themselves.

In this episode of the Midday Money Show, you’ll learn:

  • What a typical day in the life of a freelance professional looks like
  • How Gina started making money while working full-time with a full-time family.
  • What types of freelance options are available.
  • How to kick start your side hustle in the freelance world.
  • How to protect yourself from scam artists who book work and don’t pay.
  • Understanding how to structure deals for a win-win.



Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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