How Love Conquered $30,000 of Debt

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How Love Conquered $30,000 of Debt
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Tai and Talaat McNeely have a classic love story in the making. When two whole, capable people join forces in marriage – sometimes merging finances can lead to fireworks.

The McNeelys were no different.

When a secret debt of $30,000 was finally revealed, these two lovebirds faced an uncertain future and seriously ruffled feathers.

Are financial topics a sore spot in your relationship? These two can relate.  Instead of allowing a financial challenge to cause tension, they teamed up and tackled the debt together.

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Topics Covered on this Episode

  • The process this couple used to get beyond a hurtful, financial secret to pay off $30,000 in one year.
  • Tips for men and women facing financial setbacks in marriage.
  • How couples can learn to compliment the strengths each other possesses.
  • How they determined their relationship was worth pursuing after disappointment.
  • Why Talaat is forever against Pro Wings.


“I couldn’t just point the finger. He’s marrying an imperfect person as well.” ~Tai McNeely


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