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Living the Debt Free Side of Life
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Do you have a decent income, but nothing to show for it?

José can relate. He and his wife were out of balance. He was using credit cards to make ends meet. They had no savings. They were not working together as a team. Soon, he was facing the prospect of paying for his son’s college education with no means and knew something had to change.

They paid off $50,000 in consumer debt in 29 months. Wow!

How’d they do it? That’s what we talk about on this episode of the Midday Money Show.

We don’t just explore how they did. We land on why.

Getting out of debt opens up options. The option to help your children further their education. The option to plan for the next phase of life. The option to have a marriage free from money-related stress.

Living debt free is an attainable goal. José has figured it out and he wants to motivate you.


José Figueroa is a financial coach and bilingual blogger who started Figueroa Financial. Originally from Puerto Rico, he currently resides in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Jose joins us today to share his story of debt freedom not to brag, but to give you hope and encouragement to continue to pursue your debt free dreams.

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We talked about…

  • How they got started paying off $50,000 in 29 months.
  • How to involve children in a lifestyle change that includes paying off debt.
  • Financial alternatives when paying for college without student loans.
  • What life is like now that Jose and his family are debt free.


“I got tired of having a great income but having nothing to show for it.” ~ José Figueroa


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