Lauren Greutman is a Spender Recovered from $40,000 in Debt

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Lauren Greutman is a Spender Recovered from $40,000 in Debt
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The heavens sang for Lauren Greutman when she entered Target. Hobby Lobby spoke to her in ways that most may never understand.

She was addicted to shopping. Shopping addiction is a very real struggle for many people.

So much so, she would hide purchases in the car to avoid fights with her husband.

To make extra money, she took on an MLM position and moved up the ranks quickly. As she said, she is an all-in type who commits when she puts her mind to it. The problem with the MLM was, she was encouraged to use debt to fund her sales strategy.

Her family debt quickly ballooned to $40,000.

Lauren’s new Book, The Recovered Spender, describes a passionate affinity for things that can be traced back to an unfortunate stint with a five-finger-discount (shoplifting) in high school.

She opens up about the stress injected into her marriage by her inability to control her spending. Choices that she and her husband made in an effort to appear successful ultimately led to them running a household deficit of $1,000 a month.

Lauren she’ll always be a spender. She will always enjoy the adrenaline rush associated with packing her cart with new purchases.

Recognizing that weakness, she has a clever solution to keep her weakness for spending in check. We talk about that on this week’s episode of the Midday Money Show.

The Recovered Spender is a great tool for those who don’t like to read personal finance book. She understands the joy you feel when you’re shopping. She also understands the torture you experience when trying to juggle expenses and manage a growing debt burden because your spending is out of control.

The 12 steps process for regaining control of your finances is wonderful way to approach finances for shopping addicts or anyone struggling financially.

Leave a question or comment on the new Midday Money Show voicemail and you can win an autographed copy of The Recovered Spender. Call: (773) 893-0241

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Topics Covered on this Episode

  • Simple solutions to curb impulse spending.
  • How one MLM culture encourages the use of debt to rise through the rank.
  • Circumstances that create a spenders.
  • The most difficult step of her 12-step process of recovery from spending addiction.
  • How spenders can begin changing their perspective on budgeting.


“I left my purchases in the trunk because I didn’t want Mark to yell at me again.” ~Lauren Greutman


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