Knocking on Debt Freedom’s Door

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Knocking on Debt Freedom’s Door
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Rachel Gause is a bit of a cause celeb around these parts. She’s received a lot of well deserved attention as she nears the end of a mammoth stretch. In 2006, this single mom and U.S. marine made a decision.

She planned to retire from the military with no debt. There were only two problems:

  1. She was almost $180,000 in debt.
  2. Her retirement date was 10 years away, but she had no idea of how to get started.

The beauty of drawing a line in the sand (even without all the answers) is you make up your mind to change. Once you’ve made the decision, you’ll be drawn to people, resources, or opportunities that will push you in the direction of your goal.

You’ll be open to offers of help – no matter how small. An email for a lunch and learn from the base Chaplain set Rachel on a path that would change her family’s financial future.

Here’s the thing. Dramatic changes don’t always happen overnight. Sometimes they do – and those stories are exciting. They give us hope. However, sometimes you make up your mind and then progress is slow at first, if at all. You may take a step forward and then fall back down the rabbit hole.

The key is NEVER GIVE UP! That’s what Rachel did and she’s been able to pay back, now, $160K+ on her way to debt freedom. Her story is typical. Living over extended. Trying to help family. Working hard with little to show for it.

She’s plugging away, month by month and knock, knock, knocking on debt freedom’s door. Tune in to this Midday Money Show podcast and be inspired!

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