Is Debt a Third Person in Your Relationship?

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Is Debt a Third Person in Your Relationship?
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Forget about compatibility perfection in your relationship when your spouse secretly admires ‘debt’. Has your life turned into a regular battleground when money enters the conversation? This could be a sign that your partner has something to hide.

Are you finding it hard enough to talk about money matters with your better half? Are you facing financial hurdles in your marriage? It’s time to roll up your sleeves.

Love Affair With Debt


Clumsy Money Talk

Do your spouse shriek whenever you try to talk about money? Are they withholding information regarding money matters? This is a sign that your partner is hiding something from you. Maybe, the financial problem has become on overwhelming burden. Have the money talk. Even if it’s clumsy at first. An unfinished financial talk with your partner can exaggerate the problem.

Avoid Financial Planning

“Let us do the budgeting on some other day. Or, we don’t need a plan to control our finances.” Is this your spouse’s attitude whenever you tell him to chalk out a budget? There is likely great financial trouble. Thus the reluctance to face the reality.

Refusing to address financial matters should be a financial red alert.

Bluffing About Money Matters

Does your spouse’s phone ring quite often these days? Are they lying about those calls whenever you ask? Those calls could be from creditors. Hiding or telling a lie about money matters can cause a great damage to your marriage. It can also lead your marriage to a dead end.


“I-I” and “You-You” Views

“Your views of money are different than mine, so keep your views to yourself.” Have you ever heard something like this from your partner? If yes, then it may be a signal of a financial tempest.  Two people in marriage will likely approach finances from two different perspective. However, if that creates a division, then it’s time to figure out how to work on a compromise. Differences of opinion can lead to arguments which can lead you to divorce.

Drastic Change in Lifestyle

Have you seen a radical change in your partner’s lifestyle? Significant changes in shopping or spending habits should set off alarm bells. Don’t delay! Make haste and speak with your spouse about the problem. Be quick before it’s too late.

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Some tips to ease up the financial battle between you and your spouse:

  • If you feel your spouse is hiding something, then first talk to them. Avoid accusations, but express your concerns. Try to solve the problems as a team. You’re on the same side.
  • No matter how busy you are, always take out time to discuss money matters with your spouse.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are engaged, just married, or married for many years. If you have debt, disclose it to your partner as soon as possible. Try to avoid those mistakes that can ruin your marriage. It’s better to clarify every money matter before you say, “I do”.
  • To avoid overspending, try to live within your means. No matter how badly you need a thing, always weigh your pockets before you buy.
  • Stop the blame game first. Don’t blame others for your poor financial decisions. It’ll only increase your problems.
  • Debt is dangerous! Try to change your viewpoint before you go out to find a solution to it. See it in a positive way. Think of it as a challenge that you both need to overcome.
  • If you are facing trouble with debt, prioritize your relationship over all. Encourage and love one another so you can face the problem together.
  • Last but not the least, plan your finances well to keep track of it.


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