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How to See Better For Less
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I’m blind.

Not legally. I just don’t see well – without assistance. Many thanks to Salvino D’Armate, an Italian inventor credited with developing wearable eye glasses in the late 1200’s.

Life would be considerably more challenging without glasses or contacts. There would be no driving after sun down. Actually, according to my license – there would be no driving period. Not legally anyway. I would not be able to read the closed captions and still watch and understand the news while my son makes enough noise to rival professional sports stadiums.

Low Cost Eye Glasses

I need corrective lenses to function normally. My prescription is so strong that purchasing lenses is an expensive proposition as I try to avoid the Coke bottle look. That said, I still don’t like spending a lot of money trying to see better.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been working with contacts (not my preference) because my glasses lost a show down with my son. However, it was time to make a glasses purchase before my prescription expired (or changed again).

A family full of visually challenged souls can cost a pretty penny. Here are a few options I explored to minimize the overall expense.



A friend suggested (6 months ago). They have a vast selection and I really like the range of prices for frames. First time purchases receive a 40% off discount using the First40 promo code.

I also like their referral credit program. Refer your friends and receive credits toward your next purchase.

 Most importantly, the ultra thin lenses were $150. I’m usually quoted that price for one lens!


Warby Parker

The selection on this site wasn’t as vast, but I do like the prices here as well. I like the free 5 day 5 pair trial. That’s a nice touch. Shopping for glasses online might be off putting because you can’t actually see the frames on before purchasing. The 5 day trial seems like a huge bonus. Just remember to return them!

They also donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for each one purchased. Another nice touch.



I began my search looking through eye glass deals on Groupon. There are plenty of tempting offers, however, I would suggest visiting any store before purchasing a Groupon offer. The huge discounts seemed to apply to the most expensive frames and the lens prices were so expensive that the deals were not impressive at all when the dust settled. However, I would still check just to make sure an amazing offer doesn’t slip through your keyboard.


America’s Best

America’s Best has the long running promotion, 2 pairs for $69. Of course the more interesting frames that fit my taste were $99 and up. That’s still reasonable. Here’s the rub, if you actually don’t see well, the $59 lenses aren’t an option. Since they get you in the store with the 2 pair for $59 frame of mind, you are likely to walk to the sales counter with two frames and get a price for two pairs of glasses with expensive lenses that pushes your price well above what you were planning to pay.

So here’s one tip. Just buy one pair if you really want to stick with a brick and mortar business.

You can also purchase the frames from America’s best or your store of choice and shop for lenses at a discount retailer like Walmart, Sears, or Target.


I settled on a pair from The 40% discount pushed me over the top. Purchasing frames sight unseen (pun intended) is a little iffy, but I’ll just explore their refund policy if I can’t live with the selection. We’ll see (another pun intended) what happens.

Had any success with low cost, quality glasses? Share your tips in the comments below.


Low Cost Eye Glasses


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and it’s possible that a small commission will be earned for any referrals. However, my opinions can’t be bought. At least not for a small fee. So no worries, all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


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