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How to Score Designer Baby Clothes for $0
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I have a standing approach for clothing my young children – I rarely buy clothes. There are too many options available for saving in this arena. They grow WAY too fast to invest much money (if at all) in clothing these little blessed bundles of joy. I’m not cheap, I’m just choosey about how I spend my hard earned dollars. Besides, there are plenty of other expenses required to satisfy that “Am I a good parent” question looping in your head.

saving money on baby clothes

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My approach evolved pretty quickly and is quite simple: I accept hand-me-downs. Last week, I received an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G package from my uncle and new aunt with a growing toddler about 1 year older than my youngest. We are set for the winter and beyond. 

Think about it, before 1, they really don’t do much except sit, sleep, and look cute! Diapers are pretty absorbent these days, so concern over bio functions is limited – until the dreaded potty stage. These kiddos grow so fast and their social calendar is such that the clothing rotation is limited. I’ve received brand new items in the hand-me-down packages every time.

This began when my upstairs neighbor – their twins were only 5 months older than my son – passed on their digs to save space. Every few months, we received a new “shipment”. Any duplicates or items I couldn’t use were passed on to other babies. It worked so well, I’m repeating the process for baby #2.

I have had to pass an entire package on to Goodwill. It happens, but for the most part little baby clothes are in great condition. 

We opted for gift-less celebrations after our baby dedications instead of a baby shower to skip the headache of organizing a bunch of baby stuff I might never use (everyone is excited and no one is thinking spatially). Instead, I worked with a few new moms to create a minimal “must-have” list. It’s a decision I still appreciate today. Cashing in on the baby bonanza from friends and family has been phenomenal.  

Additional ways to save on baby clothes and other gear/gadgets include:

  • Swap in style. Mom groups sponsor clothing swaps (maybe dad’s do as well). Everybody bring and take. We’ve run across great finds and given our closets a breather by recycling items no longer in use. Can’t find one? Organize swaps within your circle. Help a friend clear space. It’s a win-win!
  • Check out church clothing pantries. While I don’t participate in these much because I don’t want to take from those with fewer resources, I do think they are viable options for clothing babies with style and grace.
  • Ignore the grandma guilt. Just nod and say “OK” if your parent lays the “I only bought new things for my new babies” manipulation technique on you. Also, accept with gratitude any boxes of new clothes you receive because they feel the grandkids are being deprived. 
  • Look for youth resale stores in upscale zip codes. If all else fails, kiddie consignment is a great way to keep your kids fashion forward while conserving cash. Online retailers are also a great alternative. They cut out long drives. Some online thrift stores like Thred Up offer deals like free shipping on your first order and referral bonuses if you get your friends involved.
  • Approach toys in the same manner. Little kids are not particular.

I’d much rather pad their college savings fund rather than spend more than is needed on clothes that will be too small in six months. When we outgrow the items, I look for new recipients to bless and share the love.

Do you have any other tips for saving on baby items? Let us know in the comments below.


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