How to Leverage Milestones and Capture Victory Over Debt

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How to Leverage Milestones and Capture Victory Over Debt
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 On this episode of the Midday Money Show, I want to chat, one-to-one.

I’ve been doing a lot of interview shows. That’s great, but I wanted to talk specifically about your journey out of debt. Today’s podcast is well suited for that topic.

Many of you know that I’ve written a 7 week guide to dumping debt called The Great Debt Dump that follows my family’s story of paying off $107,000 of consumer debt.

In the book, I explore the relationship between getting out of debt to my first successful attempt at completing a long distance race. How the Power of Community Helps You Dump Debt. The principles used to successfully accomplish both are really quite similar.

I’m not a runner, don’t really care for the practice, but I don’t like being in poor shape either. There is a choice. I choose health.

Paying off debt is not necessarily the most interesting activity, but being in debt sucks – by comparison. So in both cases you do what you have to, until you get what you want.

I’m restarting my running program after healing from surgery earlier in the year. Restarting is just as tough as starting from scratch the first time. 3 weeks in, I was reminded about the interim milestones my running bud and I used to complete our couch to 5K program and complete the first 5K within 8 weeks.


Topics Covered in this Episode

  • I provide a number of practical ideas to create milestones that will see you through to victory out of debt.
  • Milestones help you break a massive undertaking down into manageable chunks.
  • There’s a nice review (or introduction for some) of the process I used to eliminate $107,000 worth of consumer debt.
  • How to assess a GREAT accountability partner. This is an essential component if your debt free journey has stalled.
  • I give you a pass on being inflexible with self. Let’s stop that.
  • Why I don’t mind that a senior citizen continually runs circles around me at the track every time I go. Hint: It has to do with making comparisons. Let’s stop that too!



“It tooks us 7 years to dump 100K+ debt. 7 years rolls off the tounge effortlessly, but believe me there was a lot of ups and downs, starts and stops, questioning whether this was worth the sacrifice in those 7 years.”

~ Toni Husbands



Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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