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How to Fight Over Money
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Two rational people can (and often do) approach the same decision from totally different perspectives.

I recorded this podcast originally in 2014 and happened to come across it again recently. Listening to this show again reminds me just how long we’ve been dealing with this same issue…new cars.

I don’t remember this specific argument, but I can hear the frustration in my voice. Wow!

 Money Fights to Pursue Debt Free Living


A Little Background

We’d financed equipment for our now defunct laundromat. The business never made enough to quite cover the note, so we ended up paying off the loan personally. I’m not saying that either decision was smart, but that’s where we were. At the point of this podcast, we’d come upon the end of that looooooooong repayment process and were looking at freeing up a significant amount of cash in our monthly budget.

My husband – at the time – was adamant about financing a new car.

So much so that we entered into a prolonged period of intense fellowship (i.e. pretty heated arguments).


This Podcast Covers

Operating as a marital unit financially is not an automatic process. It’s not even something that won’t change over time. Dealing with a difference of opinion, especially over finances, can be especially stressful. Money is such a major part of our existence that challenges around the uncertainty of decisions can really cause a rift in the relationship.

Previously, I wrote about How Not to Fight Over Money. The key takeaways from that reflection are:

1. Respect Your Spouse

2. Be The Change You Want to See

3. Choose Your Battles

However, there are times when you do need to stand your ground and choose this battle. Now, this process is a little easier if you’ve shown a history of give and take in the past. If you tend to dig your heels in on EVERYTHING then your spouse may dismiss this next impasse as business as usual. 

This podcast, How to Fight Over Money, is a raw reaction to a timely experience.



We did not finance the car. We’re still driving our same vehicle – with some maintenance updates. However, we have still engaged in this conversation. I might just suggest that WonderMan listen to this again the next time he brings it up.

However, life has moved us down a different path as I wrote about in F.A.I.L. Forward – Overcoming Financial Setbacks. Right now, cars are the least of problems.

What financial decisions are you willing to fight (fairly) for and stand your ground?


Money Fights can be fair.

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