How the Power of Community Helps You Dump Debt

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How the Power of Community Helps You Dump Debt
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I’m more convinced than ever that working with a supportive community will positively impact your efforts to achieve debt freedom. That community may be as simple as a spousal unit. You might informally connect with like-minded friends. Or, you can be intentional about creating a support system.

Either way – it’s worth the effort.

 Power of Community to pursue Debt Free Living

In community, you are not alone. You feel supported. You offer support when others need it.

Recently, I experienced a minor snafu. Normally, I would have written this off as a hiccup. After working long hours preparing for a presentation, the software malfunctioned and I wasn’t able to deliver my part. While the entire workshop turned out fine without me, public failures can be deflating – no matter how minor.

In an offhanded comment, I mentioned to a super encouraging friend that maybe the technical glitch was a sign I needed to focus my efforts elsewhere. Her immediate and timely response was, “Why don’t you sleep on it.”

Yep. I was exhausted.

External events can negatively impact your determination to dump debt. We can often become sidetracked initially in our minds – talking ourselves out of the possibility of being debt free because the process seems overwhelming.

A well timed, reality check from someone in the trenches is priceless. That’s exactly why the Power of Community works.

Support – If dumping debt were easy, everyone (who desired debt freedom) would achieve it. No problems asked. It’s not easy and that why having people in your corner to spur you on is essential. If you have moment of doubt (or just feel whipped by life’s constant challenges), a supportive community can offer a much needed reality check.

Encouragement – Do you need a personal cheer squad? Maybe not, but it sure helps to have one. Whether you owe $10,000 or ten times that, it’s possible to break free of debt’s stranglehold. A team working towards (or having already accomplished) that same goal is the iron sharpening iron that will propel you on to success.

Accountability – Expectations can be powerful motivators. It could be part competition or a healthy sense of peer pressure. A status check on goals you’ve set for yourself serve as a constant reminder. Giving someone permission to pull your chain when you stray off course can also help keep you focused on the end goal.

Flexibility – Structure your community to work for the personalities involved. You may thrive best with regular face-to-face meetings. Email updates or a private group chat session might be what your team needs. There is no set way to facilitate the support, encouragement and accountability inherent in a team working towards a debt free goal. Just keep the conversation going and make adjustments as needed.

Finally, everything you receive from the group should be reciprocated and more.

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