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If I Was Homeless and Poor…
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If I Was Homeless and Poor, How Would I Begin to Change My Situation?


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Derek, from Life And My Finances, wrote this post. You can find more posts pertaining to canceling debt, saving money, and becoming wealthy when you visit his site.

Perception of the Homeless

A few years ago, I distinctly remember having a fairly heated discussion about the homeless with my friend, Mike. We were both young college students and our views on poverty appeared to be greatly different from one another.

We drove past a homeless man that sat along the road, and with my cocky attitude I blurted, “Why doesn’t he actually do something with his life? Why doesn’t he get up and make something of himself, rather than wither away on the pavement day in and day out!?” Mike immediately snapped back (to my surprise), “Maybe it’s not that simple, Derek. Do you think he’s actually choosing to sit there for the rest of his life? Maybe he’s run out of options!”

Our conversation went on for quite a while after that, and we finally agreed to disagree, but I still run that debate through my head from time to time. I wonder if there really wasn’t another option for that man, but is that really possible? Opportunities exist for all of us, don’t they? They may not be instant money making ideas, but with patience, I believe that anyone can earn their way off the streets.

How Would I Get Myself Off The Streets?

Do you know what I assume is the #1 get-off-the-streets plan for the homeless currently? I would be willing to wager that it’s the Lottery. Do you ever pay attention to the people that are buying lottery tickets? Most of them are near poverty, hoping to strike it rich. Well, the best plans in life are often not get-rich-quick; they take time and effort, but they sure pay off in the distant future. As you’ll see shortly, my plan for escaping poverty has many steps, but I believe that it is much more effective than playing the Lotto.

Step-by-Step Plan

You may think my plan is crazy (and perhaps too simple), and maybe it is, but you know what? It’s something that provides hope for the future. Here are the steps I would take.

1) Raise $4 on the streets – The easiest way to do this is probably by begging outside of a busy area, or performing in some way to earn a few coins.

2) Take your $4 to Walmart and buy a 24 case of water – take that case of water and begin to sell the bottles for $1 each. This should take only a couple of hours or even less if it’s a hot day (I may need a license to do this, but you know what? If they take me into prison, at least I would get free lodging and a decent meal). So, now I have a $20 profit.

3) Repeat – Buy and sell the bottled water 10 times or so. Enough times to raise $100 (I may need some of the money for food and perhaps a blanket).

4) Open an account with the bank – Many banks or credit unions will let you open an account will very little money.

5) Get a library card – the library might require that I have an address. I’m hoping the name of my shelter would be sufficient. If not, I’d find a way around it.

6) Purchase a website domain and hosting plan from the library computer – I actually got mine all set up and ready to go for about $50, and I don’t need to pay a penny until a year later. My ideal domain would be, http://www.homelessmantomillionaire.com , because that’s what I intend to do.

7) Write an article every day – I should have plenty of time right? I’m homeless and don’t have a job.

8) Become a Staff Writer for a few other blogs – this should net at least $100 a month from each blog.

9) Be Persistent and grow rich – This plan definitely takes persistence, because we all know that it takes at least 6 months (sometimes a year) to start making a decent income, but I just saw a stat that said 10% of blogs make $15,000 or more per month! I think that would be sufficient, don’t you?

My step-by-step plan is probably a little different than most, but can you imagine a blog that’s written about a homeless man that’s fighting tooth and nail to earn his way to millionaire status!? It would be a news station’s dream story! You could probably sell some movie rights too! The possibilities are endless.


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