Holiday Survival Guide: Frugal, Festive and Fabulous

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Holiday Survival Guide: Frugal, Festive and Fabulous
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Move over Oprah, Suzie, Whoopi…whichever talk show phenom that comes to mind. Money, Life & More is here! Okay, my ego is really not that big (but a girl can dream).

Money, Life & More is a collaboration between 3 personal finance bloggers: Jessi Fearon (, Michelle Jackson (, and myself. I have immense personal respect for both of these ladies and love, love, love that they have agreed to lend their time, talent and expertise to this project.

A huge aim of the Debt Free Divas is to encourage more consistent communication about personal finances. Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the miserable. This way, we reduce the amount of time spent suffering in silence, avoid repeating the same mistakes, and increase the chances of passing good information on to those who need it.

To that end, Money, Life & More is taking the conversation to video. Google Hangouts allows us to put a face with a blog and ultimately interact with you in real-time.

Our 30-minute web series will air live once a month at 8:15 pm CST. No worries if you can’t make that time. Google+ archives every hangout directly to Youtube. Catch the latest episode at your leisure or watch it again and again to your heart’s content. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel and receive reminders to stay informed.

We tackled a very timely topic – holiday planning – in our first episode. You can check it out below. The holidays can be tricky. Don’t let Christmas catch you off guard again this year.


In addition to the practical tips, our Pay Cash for Christmas 2014 contest is still in full swing. You have until December 1 to work on building your spending fund and enter for a chance to win $250.

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Before you go, get your FREE copy of our tips to save more money as you commit to Pay Cash for Christmas!

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