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Healthy Meals in a Hurry
Share this Blog Post: was created by mom friends, Shelley and Gretchen (no last names required – like Madonna).  These self-proclaimed foodies and nutrition specialists love a delicious, nutritious meal, but they know how to get it done in a hurry. That’s why we sought their expertise for help during our 30-day Meals @ Home Challenge

The challenge encourages us to look within – our homes – for meal time relief and conserve cash. I attempt to convince you with a Grocery Shopping vs Eating Out Smack Down why meals at home is the better budget option.

No worries if you are new to the Debt Free Divas or this month’s challenge, jump right in. November is a great month because the last week will be holiday meals, left overs, and hopefully a little time off to think!

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Last week, the focus was menu planning to save money. I’ll be honest, I’m still winging it. Baby steps. However, so far – all meals, snacks and beverages have been 100% prepared at home. This week, we offer a special podcast to cover how to do healthy meals in a hurry. 

Shelley and Gretchen had a mouthful to say on healthy snacking, making friends with veggies, and the one must-have tool every busy household should have. If you need the low-down on quinoa or re-engaging a picky eater, we covered that and more!

An unintended consequence of the Meals @ Home challenge is I’m making better food choices.  I enjoyed the conversation with the ladies of Two Healthy Kitchens because they shared how to spice up mealtime without spending your life in the kitchen. Tune in and be inspired!

As promised, a list of recipes mentioned in the show follows:

Healthy Snack Heaven

Can you say Quinoa

Slow Cooker Goodness

Brenner – Breakfast for Dinner

This is one I need – the picky eater series.

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What’s your best, go-to meal when pressed for time?


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