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Halloween Help Us
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We’ve entered into the holiday season. Time for fun. Time for family. Time for financial fuzziness. I’m continually amazed at the amount of money we shell out for our annual, one day celebrations – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Since Halloween is upon us, let’s begin our conversation here.

The Debt Free Divas seek to encourage as many as will listen to free themselves from the stranglehold debt poses in our lives. As one who has walked that journey personally, this doesn’t happen overnight. It does, however, require a series of sacrifices, a decision to be diligent, and continual creativity! Enter October 31st. Again, this belt tightening is a temporary blip on the fruitful financial future you have in store. To that end, how do we celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank?



For many years, we just didn’t participate. I lived. So will you. Some don’t engage for religious or other reasons…more power to you. If you generally partake, you can still attend the parties and just make small talk about all the other costumes. You’re representing your future Debt Free Diva/Dude self.


Have you ever purchased a costume in the past? Do you have a friend with one to spare? Who cares if you’re a policeman, sexy pumpkin, or big baby two years in a row? Switch up parties this year and re-rock your gently used costume.

If you must purchase, consider resale shops…especially for children. I found the cutest bumble bee for $6 at a local resale shop for children’s clothes in excellent condition. I have no idea what the sex of my new baby will be, but I know what he or she will be for Halloween in 2015.


I love creative, homemade costumes. Always have. In high school, I transformed into Pippy Long Stockings after a piece of weave found its way around a straightened wire hanger. An eye liner pencil enhanced my freckles. Cleared the way while walking through the halls without spending a ton on packaged costume ideas. These days, there are plenty of DIY costume sites to gain inspiration.

Collectively, we’ll spend $6.8 billion on the Halloween activities this year. According to the National Retail Federation, that’s about $75/person on costumes, candy, and decorations. This includes costumes for pets. If you plan to participate and consumer debt still has your number on speed dial, consider some alternatives to conserve your cash and keep your debt free goals in focus!

How do you cut cost but still rock out on Halloween?


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