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Groupon gotchas
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Admittedly, I am a late adopter. The latest fads have to become old-fashion, typically, before my interest peaks. My grandmother was on Facebook first. I didn’t upgrade to a smart phone until after the iPhone 3 was old news. Tablets won’t be on my radar until this time next decade. Change comes slowly in my world.

Recently, I jumped on the Groupon bandwagon. I get it – great deals, unique products and services wrapped in high definition photos. All designed to separate you from your money. Groupon is great, if you can find a good deal on products/services you need and/or were already looking to purchase. Beware of the Groupon gotchas.


  1. Impulse buys. There is no savings if you are enticed to buy something you a) don’t need, b) can’t afford, or c) weren’t planning for previously. Groupon is a fantastic site. High quality, full color photos speak to my impulse-buy receptors. Avoid window shopping on Groupon at all cost (otherwise it will cost you).
  2. Unclaimed refunds. I still have a refund that I haven’t requested because a service was not offered in my area. Don’t leave your money hanging.
  3. Expired deals. Be honest, how many Groupon deals have expired on you. Yes, you can apply the money to other deals. But why offer Groupon interest free loans with your hard-earned cash.


Make sure you are not needlessly handing over money while searching for good deals through these Groupon gotchas!


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