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Frugal Fatigue
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Have you ever been tired?

Tired of counting points at every meal…

Tired of responding to your texts on FB so you don’t go over…

Tired of freaking out every time someone outside of your “Fave 5” calls you…

Tired of grocery shopping at the gas station so you don’t go over your lease miles…

Tired of … budgeting, watching your spending, pinching pennies????

You’re not alone. It’s called ‘Frugal Fatigue” and according to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, America’s got it bad.

Now, I’m frugal by nature (my friends call it cheap – potato, poh-táh-to), but even I’m getting a little weary. It all started a few months ago when my dad got sick and I moved back home (home-home; as in back in my old room home…but that’s a post for another day).

Moving home meant leaving my job (in another state) and leaving my job meant leaving my laptop (and my wireless card…sigh). Most of the time I can wait it out, but this whole laptop thing has got me on edge. It’s not that I can’t buy one; it’s just that, well, there are a couple of things working against me.

#1) I HATE (as in detest, deplore, despise) spending more than I have to for anything and

#2) I have no idea how long this whole ‘live at home’ thingy is going to last. Ever tried mentioning the word “budget” to the “seasoned citizen” who raised you?? Let’s just say that the words reduce (code word for cut) and cell phone/internet/cable and/or Luby’s in the same sentence don’t go a long way toward building a happy “back at home” life. I totally get why money is the #1 cause of divorce (lol)!!

Since I’ve opened this proverbial can of worms, every purchase I make is now under scrutiny. Do you know how many times I’ve heard “is THAT in your budget??” lol. Can you imagine the scuttlebutt behind a brand new laptop?? Yikes. It’d feel like a total role reversal…like I was the wayward spouse (aka the #VisaVixen) spending every dime in site and stashing the goodies somewhere he’d never look.

So for now, I’m stuck rebuilding dad’s old desktop (we’re talking 2005 Celeron processor old). Waiting on the parts now…at least I scored a motherboard and memory sticks for under 50bucks. Alas, we must celebrate the small victories – for they do count!! And this too shall pass!!

DANG YOU #FrugalFatigue…


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