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Fiscally Fit III – Personal Trainer Alternatives
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This is the third episode in the series on health and fitness that we first ran in 2012, Fiscally Fit.

This week, Jason Burns joins us to provide healthy living and budget friendly alternatives to hiring a personal trainer. Jason co-founded Downsize Fitness after a career in professional football with the Cincinnati Bengals (Are they still a team? I had to look that up).

Downsize Fitness has three locations: Chicago, Houston, and Ontario, Canada.

We found out that have a unique spin on the gym membership philosophy – their intentional about creating a supportive, encouraging environment. As such, no one can join unless they have a minimum weight loss goal of 50 pounds.

So anyone in the gym has either lost at least 50 lbs or is working on that goal.

The reason why – they want created a shared experience. That way no one feels unconscious and everyone understands your plight.

That’s amazing!

I didn’t realize this the first time around, but Downsize Fitness has absolutely tapped into the Power of Community. That’s our approach with #teamdebtfree to encourage one another out of debt. Yes!


Topics Covered on this Episode

  • How a supportive environment can help you reach your health (and financial) goals
  • 3 Basic Components to the Downsize Fitness Program
  • Budget friendly alternative to hiring a high cost personal trainer
  • Motivation to get started on a healthy living process
  • Fiscally Fit II – Expert to the Stars with Basheerah Ahmad



 “Wealth without health is of no value” ~ #teamdebtfree member 2012

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