Fiscally Fit II – Expert to the Stars with Basheerah Ahmad

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Fiscally Fit II – Expert to the Stars with Basheerah Ahmad
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When you feel better, you make better decisions.

That’s my philosophy regarding the connection between your physical health and your fiscal well-being. To that end, we invited another healthy living expert, Basheerah Ahmad, to deposit helpful information for keeping our girlish (or boy-ish) figures without busting our budgets.

Basheerah has worked with stars such as Vivica Fox, Steve Harvey, and Ruben Studdard to name a few. She’s appeared on Dr. Phil and the Doctors. She was also a featured trainer on the Discovery Channel’s National Body Challenge. She has a Master’s Degree in exercise science and has written a inspirational guide, Love Yourself Enough to Be Healthy: 50 Affirmations for Your Best Life.

People can change.

Habits can change.

This episode was recorded as part of a series, Fiscally Fit, in 2012. The information is still relevant today and you’ll find it loaded with helpful tips to improve your focus on health while you’re working to eliminate debt.


Topics Covered on this Episode

  • Issues promoting the overwhelming weight epidemic in this country.
  • Basheerah’s path to a career in health and fitness.
  • How your physical health is related to your fiscal health.
  • Budget friendly options to improve your healthy routine.
  • Inexpensive equipment to supplement your healthy living routine.
  • How important your water consumption is to weight loss.
  • Tips for increasing your water consumption.
  • Options for replacing processed junk food with healthier, cost effective food options.



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