Fear the Foreclosure and Create a Debt Free Stress Free Life

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Fear the Foreclosure and Create a Debt Free Stress Free Life
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That’s exactly what the guest on this episode of the Midday Money Show podcast did to right her financial ship and pay off almost $80,000 in credit card and student loan debt.

Maureen Campaiola has an engaging North Eastern accent and even more engaging tale of being forced into facing her issues with money.

Do you need a wakeup call? How about an unexpected job loss while supporting a child in college and elderly parents. Maureen was the meat in the sandwich generation.


She didn’t let the setback keep her down for long. She set about building a business and learning how she related to money which lead to poor money management decisions in the past. Maureen’s philosophy centers on the need to understand your current behavior so you can take concrete steps to make lasting changes.

This makes sense in all areas of life where we struggle with unproductive habits.

But since we focus on finances, Maureen’s story fits right in.

Maybe you aren’t in danger of losing your home. What’s it going to take to ignite your pursuit of debt free living? Check in on Maureen’s story and be inspired.

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Show Notes:

Visit Maureen’s website DebtFreeStressFreeLife.com for tips on cleaning up and fixing your finances.

She mentioned a few resources that really helped her begin to understand the why behind the shopaholic tendencies and overspending. I’ve added these to my reading list as well.


Suggested reading list of books that explore how we relate to money.

The Money Mirror

The Energy of Money

Financial Recovery


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