F.I.R.E. Up Your Long-Term Financial Goals

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F.I.R.E. Up Your Long-Term Financial Goals
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Do you ever need a shot of motivation to keep working towards a long-term goal?

I know I do. I’m actually in that space right now.

It’s no excuse, just a realization of why the Midday Money Show has been on this impromptu hiatus. I was pumped after the New Year New You Summit (use coupon code: SUMMIT for 30% off).


Because the speakers were amazing. More importantly, they were speaking my language.

But then then my momentum fizzled – for a little bit.

Listening to good ideas. Learning lessons from those who’ve done what I’m working to accomplish. These are the shots of motivation I need to push me over the hump.

Working to pay off debt was a long-term endeavor. We had periods of great progress and then the momentum fizzled.

To kick start the fire again, let’s talk about how to F.I.R.E up your long-term goals.

One this episode, I’m sharing some great advice from two people who are Financially Independent and Retired Early (F.I.R.E).

What are your long-term financial goals? Leave a comment on the new Midday Money Show voicemail. Call: (773) 893-0241

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We talked about…

  • What is F.I.R.E and how can the average person accomplish this.
  • The one reason most people don’t achieve financial independence.
  • Steps we should take right now to implement a plan to achieve financial independence.
  • How buying one ugly house at a time can bring financial independence.
  • Options that others have taken to accomplish this goal.


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