Don’t Break the Chain to Get Out Of Debt

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Don’t Break the Chain to Get Out Of Debt
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Recently, I sat in on an unexpectedly excellent seminar on productivity. We all want to squeeze more action out of the finite amount of time we have each day. Well…I do anyway.

So the gentlemen (whose name escapes me) shared an interesting tip he picked up from a guy who knew a guy who asked Jerry Seinfeld a critical question. Yep, Jerry Seinfeld from the cult classic, 90’s favorite TV show.

This guy, who knew a guy asked the comedian how to write better jokes. Seinfeld’s response – “Don’t break the chain.”

Let me explain.

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To improve in an area, you need to practice. Practice means you need to do that thing over and over. To do that thing over and over, you need consistency. When you have consistency – you have a chain. If you refuse to “break the chain” you’ll develop a mastery. The comedians were concerned about writing better jokes. Seinfeld suggested he write a joke every day. Good joke or bad joke – it didn’t matter – just don’t break the chain.

You want to improve your finances. Right?

What’s your chain?

Could it be hosting your weekly Finance Committee Meeting?

Could it be regularly tracking your expenses? Bringing your lunch to manage within a tight budget? Making on time payments to credit cards? What financial area needs improvement and can thus benefit from a non-chain-breaking approach?

Let me add in the accountability component which will blow the roof off your productivity outcomes. We know that working with accountability partners leads to a 33% increase in the likelihood you’ll reach your goals. I talk much more about this in my new book, The Great Debt Dump.

I’m going to put my facts where my mouth is. I’m going to prove it to you with a slight exercise related experiment. My exercise accountability buds have selected activities to apply the chain theory. Mine are:

  • Power walk 4 days week.
  • Maintain a diet of 50 grams of fat or less daily.
  • 3 glasses of water/day (gotta start somewhere).

Using a calendar stored in Google docs, we can mark off using an X each day that we don’t break the chain. While getting together to exercise works well. The nutrition component has been less effective. I’ll report back in 1 month how our chain is going and what if any results we have.

In the meantime, I want you to do two things:

  1. Select an area that you want to improve in and set up your calendar.
  2. Enlist the help of an accountability buddy. All the better if they are working on an area as well.

If you’re up for this little monthly challenge, leave the problem you’ll be focusing on below.


Setting up good habits to get out of debt

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