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This month, we’ve been participating in the No-Buy Month challenge in conjunction with the Savvy Brown blog. Taking a financial fast from spending while focusing on essentials only provides for a time of financial self-reflection.

While I’m not a huge shopper (I only grocery shop regularly because the food runs out), this is still a great challenge as I justify my non-food spending. 

I love to spend money on experiences and activities. So this month, I’ve been writing a lot about enjoying life while pursuing a debt free lifestyle. Finding recreational activities that fit nicely into a reduced budget will improve your chances of sticking with a debt dumping plan.

We’ve been busy spreading the debt free living message. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the privilege of sharing our thoughts with a few new audiences.

You may have missed an announcement or two. It’s been such an honor to contribute to the public discourse via a number of generous hosts.

To keep everyone in the loop, below is a list of fabulous blogs we’ve been able to fellowship with over personal finances:


  • 5 Ways Couples Commit Financial Infidelity – This actually grew from the ongoing debate about whether couples should consolidate bank accounts. I know for some this shouldn’t be a question. Practically speaking, this can be an issue. However, these five behaviors can wreak more havoc than the question of your bank or mine. Hope you find this helpful.
  • 14 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day – While the day for love has come and gone, these tips also double as frugal date night ideas for any day of the year.
  • Pay Down Debt or Build Savings – Again, in conjunction with Savvy Brown, this guest post tackled a common question. I approach the topic by telling you what worked for me.
  • 6 Budget Friendly Way to Enjoy Winter – Because Frugal Fatigue is real and much of the country is knee deep in frozen liquid, this post was in order. 
  • Enjoy Life While Dumping Debt – Can you sense the theme emerging? Dumping debt can be hard work. It took us 7 years. There is NO WAY we could have stuck with the experience if we were miserable and struggling with lack. I do not believe developing financial discipline requires misery! As we made adjustments in how we fund experiences, those frugal habits stuck. 


Keeping with the theme of budget friendly fun, I’ve also run across the following post that you might also find encouraging.

  • How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets Through Glitches – I have no personal experience with this yet. If you find the sites or Facebook groups helpful first, make sure you let me know about it. I’ll do the same! However, I thought this was too good to sit on until I get around to testing the theory.
  • 13 Frugal Things to do in Melbourne – Do you like to travel vicariously through other people? If you love it like I do, Michelle has shared her fantastic, extended vacation all over the southern hemisphere on her blog. I would love to sit in the park and watch professional tennis on a big screen to the sound of Aussie accents. Until then, enjoy the sites via fabulous picture.
  • 10 Winter Activities for Kids – I found this on Pinterest and have never thought of blowing bubbles in the winter. Fun activities that are simple and easy on the wallet are always in season. I’m not sure what that furry Phil will have to say, but I think we’re looking at a few more long months of winter. These ideas will come in handy.
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