Declaration of Financial Empowerment

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Declaration of Financial Empowerment
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We found this in an issue of Black Enterprise about 10 years ago. Do you need a declaration of financial empowerment? How about making these your own…

From this day forward, I declare my vigilant and lifelong commitment to financial empowerment. I pledge the following:

    To use home ownership to build wealth
    To save and invest 10% to 15% of my after-tax income
    To be proactive and knowledgeable about investing, money management, and consumer issues
    To measure my personal wealth by net worth, not income
    To engage in sound budget, credit and tax management practices
    To commit to a program of retirement planning and investing
    To teach business and financial principles to my children
    To support the creation of profitable, competitive, Black-oriented enterprises
    To use a portion of my personal wealth to strengthen my community
    To ensure that my wealth is passed on to future generations


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