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Debt Free to Follow Your Dreams
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Tracey and Wendell McFadden first shared their in-progress debt story in 2012. After accepting a challenge to pay off all of their credit cards before the end of 2012 from their pastor, this couple engaged in a Financial Peace University bible study to work on eliminating their consumer debt.

You could say, they were the original New Year New You story tellers.

Fast forward to 2015 – the McFaddens are debt free and moving on to an exciting new chapter in life.

The McFaddens are the quintessential, all American family. They exuded the external trappings of success, yet they were deep in debt. At one point, the couple had 17 credit cards and were dealing with the financial stress, marital discord, and the stress-related health issues that come along with struggling with debt.

80% of divorcing couples cite money trouble and money fights as the #1 cause for marriage dissolution. The McFaddens refused to stay in that place of stress.

We originally recorded this podcast in conjunction with our Faith and Finances series.



The good news is – they are now debt free!!! Yay!

The even better news is their new approach to finances afforded them an opportunity to invest their time, talents, and treasure in a new gospel CD project. Tracey is now a published recording artist, with her manager and biggest fan, Wendell by her side.

Over the past few years, the McFaddens have saved and paid cash for each stage of the project. By the time the CD was ready for release – they didn’t owe anyone anything – but the debt of love. I’m told many new artists spend any proceeds from the CD paying back debt incurred to produce a musical project. Tracey and Wendell did things differently and have better options for the funds generated.

I had to wonderful opportunity to attend her CD release concert and it was amazing! Not because she’s my cousin. She is blessed with an amazing gift of song.

Enjoy a sample of her debut project.


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