Living the Debt Free Life with 13 Kids, No Mortgage, and No Student Loans

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Living the Debt Free Life with 13 Kids, No Mortgage, and No Student Loans
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Actually my guest today has 14 children. Sam and her husband, Rob Fatzinger, recently took in a new foster baby. When I tracked her down, she was up doing a middle of the night feeding. She took it stride because she’s done this 13 times before.

That’s a amazing feat in itself. Add to that, this couple is living in a mortgage-free home, sending their children to college with no student loans, and doing it all as a one-income family.

Until just recently, Rob was making only $50,000 per year.


Oh and did I mention Rob was on track to retire early. That’s how this story came out initially. How does a family on an average salary with 14 children accomplish this?

That’s exactly what Sam and I talked about.

She was open about how they feed a family of 16. She shared how their faith plays a huge part in helping live a life filled with joy and contentment within their means. Sam also dropped some serious pearls of wisdom for those struggling to make ends meet.

If you’re curious how four of their children have graduated from undergrad with no debt and three are currently on track to do the same, you’ll want to check out this latest episode of the Midday Money Show.

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Topics Covered on this Episode

  • Strategies for putting all children through school with no student loans.
  • How their childhoods figured into their current approach to managing personal finances.
  • How their faith factors into being content and resisting the temptation to live beyond their means.
  • Her debt free home experience.
  • How she helps her children stay focused on their financial goals – even as teenagers.
  • Strategies for raising money smart kids.
  • How she saves money on items for babies.
  • Sam’s best money saving tip.


“The idea of stopping at a fast food restaurant was unthinkable because that was money we needed to save.” ~ Sam Fatzinger.


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